All our modern facilities are open for the public to enjoy. Come down to either Nyayo National Stadium or Moi International Sports Stadium, Kasarani and try out our excellent facilities.  You can now go swimming, use the running track, the football pitch or the gymnasium to get yourself in shape.

Make a splash in our Swimming Pools

Nyayo National Stadium has an Olympic size swimming pool that is always in tip top condition. Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani has five pools:

An Olympic size (50m) pool

A diving pool 5.3m deep  with a 10 meter diving platform

A standard pool (25m)

A baby pool

A residential pool for clients residing in our accommodation facilities.

The Aquatic complex at Kasarani is the only swimming facility with multiple pools for different age-groups and different levels of swimming ability.  Toddlers start at the baby pool with careful guidance from our qualified instructors before graduating to the standard pool.  This facility offers recreational swimming for parents and kids at a minimal fee of Ksh.150 for adults and Ksh.50 for children per day.  The pools are open everyday including weekends and public holidays.

Swimming instructions for schools and organized groups are offered at both swimming complexes by trained swimming instructors at an affordable fee.  Life guards are present at all times for added security and safety of swimmers.

Improve Your Health At Our Gymnasiums

The main Stadium at Kasarani has a fully equipped Gym in the Stadia health and fitness centre.  The stadium also has three exercises warm-up areas, ample parking and open grounds that can be used for jogging and team sports practice.

Our Football Pitches

There are well-tended football pitches in both stadiums which are suitable for groups and individuals who want to train or engage in practice sessions.  The pitches are also available for both local and international competitive matches, at reasonable costs.

Our Running Tracks

Besides the well-maintained pitches, both Kasarani and Nyayo National Stadiums feature tartan running tracks suitable for local and international athletic meets.  The tracks are also open to members of the public for jogging and personal training at an affordable fee.

Our Indoor Arenas

Both stadiums have well-maintained arenas.  The sitting capacity at Kasarani is 5,000 people and Nyayo Stadium’s arena seats 2,500 people.  Both arenas are well suited for Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts,Table Tennis and any other indoor games you can think about.  There is a separate Handball Court at Nyayo Stadium.

The Kasarani Indoor Arena is further equipped with a VIP Restaurant, VIP Lounges and a self-contained Presidential Lounge, Changing Rooms and numerous Washrooms.  It also houses an exercise warm-up area on the lower ground floor.

Utilize Our Capacity

The Main Stadium at Kasarani has a sitting capacity of 60,000 while Nyayo National Stadium’s capacity is about 30,000.  The seating arrangements are comfortable and afford the spectators a nice view of the field and the track.

As you can now see, the Nyayo and Kasarani Stadiums offer you and your family so much more plus spectacular venues for all your sporting and recreational requirements.

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