IYF youth Peace Camp ongoing at MISC, Kasarani.Facilty is to host 4000 Youth in the 5 day peace campaign

iyf youth peace camp

IYF is hold its annual retreat for the youths where thousands of youths from around Kenya and beyond have gathered in one place to experience the cultures and life of others by meeting people and sharing their hearts, exposing them to other people’s culture, region, race, and nationality hence resulting in union and understanding among them, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.
IYF slogan this year is “Be The Agent Of Peace In Kenya” since this crucial moment as Kenya approaches the election period. The youths want to preach peace to all Kenyans as they teach fellow kenyans to accept and embrace the different cultures that God has blessed our country with. It their hope that through the mind lectures and leadership skills that they are going to teach during the camp, the youth will have a sound mind so they can live a sound life and become great workforce of this country.

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